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My husband and I have been active our entire lives – he’s a swimmer and avid cyclist and I’m a runner.  We both have sedentary, somewhat stressful jobs - Craig is an attorney and practices School Law and I’m an Associate Superintendent and we very much look forward to evenings, weekends and being active.  As many of you know, we must work to “fit-in” our activities while also balancing family and work. 

Over the years, we’ve been a member of several gyms in the San Antonio area and had varying results.  Not having any type of weight training background, we typically only used the weights and machines we were most familiar with – repeatedly.  Then, one cold and rainy December morning we drove to our gym to find it boarded up and closed for business.  We were back to searching for a new gym, again.  We even investigated hiring a personal trainer, but for both of us – it would have been very expensive.   

That’s when we found Koko.  Koko is so much more than a gym – it’s really a personal trainer (via your key fob) that walks you through prescribed workouts designed to achieve your goal – that is very affordable. 

We’ve learned at Koko that the best foundation for an active lifestyle is weight-bearing, strengthening exercises – with a core focus, paired with cardio – at least 3 times per week.  Since joining Koko just four years ago – our lives have become even more active!  We’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and completed our first Triathlon this past fall.  We love our gym!  We love KoKo!  If you are looking for a new, ramped-up and personalized gym experience – give Koko a try! 

Toni, San Antonio, TX