Jason is an engineer by day and a Koko FitCoach by weekend. 

For years Jason worked out at CrossFit, but when he started Koko things changed. He was able to train safely and gain more strength by using the Smartrainer and the time under tension programmed into the workouts. While he still goes to CrossFit a couple days a week, most mornings you can find him at the club with the 5 am group, getting in his workout. 

Jason grew up playing football and walked on at the University of Texas where he filled a linebacker spot from 1996 to 2000. 

His favorite thing about Koko is the ability to get a quality workout whenever he needs it. With the 24/7 access, he doesn't have to wait for a class or schedule with a trainer. His workouts are always available. 

Jason, Co-Owner, FitCoach

Koko Millionaire