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Feel Fab All Summer Long

Feel Fab All Summer Long

Ahh summer… arguably the BEST time of the year, am I right or am I right?

Filled with fun and exciting energy, there is always something to do! From days on the beach, to hanging out on a hammock, to BBQ cookouts and so much more… how can you not fall in love with these long summer days?

But if you’re like me at all, you might have some mixed feelings about summer…

One part of you longs to get out and have all the fun without a care in the world, but another part of you struggles to feel confident and worries about “staying on track” with your health and wellness goals.

This was me for the LONGEST time. Did you know I battled a 10 year long weight loss journey? And only recently in the last two years started wearing a 2 piece swimsuit (before that it was a t-shirt and boy-short swim bottoms).

If you’re like me, you know how hard it can be to simply ENJOY summer when your mind is stuck on/concerned about how you look or messing up your diet. But it doesn’t need to be this way!

That’s why I complied this list of things I personally do to look and feel my best all summer long!

But be prepared, these practices take consistency for them to work. I do not do these one time expecting everything to be fixed. You have to be willing to do this over and over and over again to see results.

Drink plenty of water!

No seriously, I don’t want to be one of those health coaches that just rants about water all day long but it’s kind of a big deal, and you know it is. I don’t need to preach about it because you know already how important it is, so here is your friendly reminder to get back on it if you’ve fallen off track (I know I have).

Avoid processed and packaged foods

I know it’s hard, but these foods are typically loaded with ingredients that actually rob your body of vital nutrients and energy sustaining fuel, leaving you feeling sluggish, dull and still hungry because your body is looking for more nutrients to fuel itself. The more whole, colorful foods you can eat, the better you will feel mentally and physically! Plus, you’re less likely to experience bloating when you stick to whole foods. No one likes trying to throw on a swim suit with their stomach 2 inches fuller than usual… I’m just saying, I know cause I’ve been there!!!

Switch sweet frozen treats for your own homemade fruit pops!

Or if you like the low effort route like me… just slice some watermelon and keep it nice and cold in the fridge! This will help you to enjoy a cold sweet treat without all the added sugars in popsicles and ice cream, and it will fight off the icky bloated feeling you get from sugars!

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

I’m not even kidding, I’m the girl that carries digestive enzymes in her purse because I rely on them SO MUCH. They are a total life saver for those times I do eat something I know is going to twist my stomach in a knot or make me a little bloated. Having these handy helpers on me helps to bring everything back to normal. And supplementing with a good quality probiotic is just good for all around digestive health (can you tell I’m a big fan of supporting Gut Health?)

Use Positive Affirmations

Y’all know I’m a Holistic Health Coach right? Don’t know what that means? It means I take a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to health and wellness, and when it comes to the topic of confidence, I am willing to argue it is 100% an inside job. You have to work on your mindset about your self your physical health if you are going to feel good in your own skin.

Every day I practice saying positive things about myself because I know that over time, you mind adopts those positive messages as beliefs and suddenly you begin to embody those beliefs. If you tell yourself constantly that you “look squishy” or “I am not toned enough”, and literally choose actions that uphold those subconscious beliefs.

BUT, if instead you choose to tell a different story about yourself “I am the perfect size for me” or my favorite lately “My body is the body of a 22 year old business owner” (totally blows my mind and makes me feel pretty freaking awesome), you are going to begin to adopt those messages and soon you will subconsciously making decisions that uphold those beliefs.

You embody and become who you believe yourself to be.