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Food anxiety and the holidays

Check out what Coach Nikki has to say about how she handles food this time of the year...

I used to get so anxious about eating on Thanksgiving and Christmas that I would borderline starve myself in the days leading up. And of course I knew this wasn't good, but I was so worried about gaining weight and SO badly wanted to lose weight, I wasn't sure what else to do.

After two years of bodybuilding - learning everything I learned there, plus going through my Health Coaching certifications, I eventually learned that you simply WON'T gain that much weight in one day of Holiday Eating. The 2+ lbs you see on the scale is usually water weight, and it's lost easily in the next few days (as long as you get back on track).

But when I first started coaching clients, I saw how much they struggled with their own fear of gaining weight back too. Logically I knew they would do just fine... But I also knew as their Coach I had to give some sort of guidance that would A) Allow them to enjoy the holiday, and B) Help keep them from completely going off the rail.

Keep in mind, my first year of coaching clients with their diets was also my first year maintaining the weight I lost. I was TERRIFIED I would screw it up. So I decided to tell them what I planned to do. This is what I continued to tell ALL my clients through Holidays...

'Enjoy the day, have your favorite foods. But follow two simple rules... Eat if you're hungry, stop if you are full. And slowly enjoy, I mean REALLY enjoy, every single bite. Let yourself fully experience the Holiday. It is one day of eating "BAD" compared to all the great work you have done so far. You deserve to let yourself take a breather and not worry about how many calories are in your meal. Life isn't about counting calories. To me it's about counting memories. Focus on that.'

If you haven't guessed... It totally worked. The following week, every day I sat down with a client who had successfully maintained, or even lost weight! I was so proud of them, they all did far better than they expected, myself included.

So Just do that. Follow those two simple rules, it's what I do any time there is a Family get together or a holiday, or any other function. Enjoy every bite - slowly, eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. That's all you need to do.

Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone - Enjoy The Holiday!