Koko 101

What's a perfect workout? How do I get those colorful plastic chips? 

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You may have already seen members with their brightly colored medallions proudly displayed on their lanyards.

Each medallion represents a month when the member completed at least 12 strength and 12 cardio sessions. For each consecutive month you earn another colored medallion. Finish an entire year and you earn the coveted star medallion.

If you miss a month though you have to start over and re-earn the medallions you currently hold. It's a great way to stay motivated and take weekly steps to get your workouts in and closer to your goals.

Just think: 3 days per week/4 weeks per month = SUCCESS 

How do I get more workouts on my Koko Key?

Most Koko workout programs contain 24 workouts (some zone workouts have 6 sessions), so when you finish with that 24th workout, the team needs to reload your Koko Key.

Typically we reload it in the club as soon as you finish your strength test.

If you workout after-hours, simply leave your Koko Key in the basket at the front desk. We will reprogram it during the next staffed shift. Then we email you to let you know that it is ready. There is no down time if you leave your key as soon as you finish the session. Don't forget to take your door access card with you! You'll need it to reenter the club after hours.  

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When is my next strength test, and will my weights increase? 
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Every 12th and 24th workout of a regular program (not including the trial) will be a strength test. Strength tests allow us to precisely measure how much stronger you have gotten since your last test. They also encourage us to keep working hard to gain strength and stay focused. 


You may not increase your strength with every test. Form is very important, so make sure that you are not compromising your form in order to increase the weights. 


Before your strength test you will receive several emails from us at Koko to remind you how to prepare. We also include the results from your last test. We do this because many times people forget how much they lifted in the past. You can always schedule a strength test with a coach, which most oftentimes results in a better workout. Or you can request your numbers when you walk into the club for a strength test. 


After your test, be sure to check with the coach to see how you did. We can immediately give you results after you back up and give you pointers on how to improve. 


Keep in mind, your strength will not increase forever. After a period of time, you will see your % increase slow, and perhaps it will even bump up or down slightly. At that point, congratulations are in order! That means you have reached your "Koko Zone". Your main goal should always be to maintain your strength gains long-term.

What is a Q-Score?

Your Q-score is a health and fitness score that is specific only to Koko FitClub. Your Q-score can only change after a strength test. It factors three variables: eBMI, Pace Score, Strength Gain. So the leaner and stronger you are, the higher your Q-score. Wants tips to increase your Q-score? Talk to a FitCoach. They can help.   

What is Koko Fuel?

Koko Fuel is the nutrition plan that is completely customized for your goal, metabolic rate, and daily activity. It is a 14-day meal plan that provides you with exactly what to eat and how much. It also includes shopping lists, recipes, and planning tips. 

To activate your Koko Fuel, you need to complete 3 FitChecks and have finished either the trial program or the foundation workouts. The Koko Fuel meal plan is included in all memberships except the cardio only. 

What is Koko Fuel School?

Koko Fuel School is a series of weekly lessons that go over important information such as how to learn from a food journal, how to choose healthy carbs and when to eat protein to get the most out of your meals. 

There are 12 lessons in all and you can unlock them each week as you move through the Koko nutrition curriculum. 

Week one is a food journal exercise, which is very helpful. Understanding what you are eating and how it is effecting your fitness goals is the first step in making smart changes. The coaches are happy to review your food journal and offer advice on how to make healthier choices. 

What is a Perfect Workout? 

In Koko world there is a thing called a perfect workout. When you get 100% pace for every exercise of a workout and you get 1000 Koko Points, you receive the distinction of earning a perfect workout. 


It is tough and takes a lot of concentration, but you can do it. (You also never want to sacrifice form just to get a good pace score.) And once you have one under your belt, more will follow. 


The cool thing is that you get a special T-shirt when you earn a perfect workout, which only people in the perfect workout club have. 


**Be sure to let a coach know if you get the workout during or after staffed hours. We need a picture (of course) and to get your shirt size.